Special features

This is an appendix. You start it like any other section, except put the following command first, before the section heading.


Put appendix name here

If you add multiple appendices, perhaps you want to separate them from the main text with a part:


Example appendix

Start writing the appendix...

Special files

There are a few special files that help steer the execution of markdown-memo or are otherwise exceptional.


Primary files edited by the user:

Optional files:

Disqus integration

You can choose to append a comments section at the end of your html. Just register a user name and the site name with disqus.com. Then in the meta.yaml, set your disqus_shortname:

disqus_shortname: 'my-sites-disqus-name'

Google analytics integration

You can choose to add Google analytics tracking to your site, by registering it with Google analytics and add your tracking ID to the meta.yaml:

google_analytics_tracking_id: 'UA-XXXXXXXX-X'

Word count

Note that word-count and page-count plots are generated when you call make pdf. You might want to keep these around in the README.md for your document.

Page count over time.

Page count over time.

Word count over time.

Word count over time.